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I am a senior UX-UI Designer with 9+ years of design experience, who understands startups, wicked problems, business strategy and user behaviour patterns.

Currently located in Tokyo, Japan on a Working Visa

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UX/UI Portfolio

Feel free to view my works and PDF portfolio below.

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Please note: that not all of my past work is displayed on this site due to project confidentiality reasons, please contact me for details or questions you have regarding my past experience.

More Website & Branding examples

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Brands including website designs

Feel free to flick through my work, the mockups are scrollable.

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About Branding services: I produce end-to-end brand services, including web development, logo and visual artwork. If you’re interested in branding work, including white-labeled branding services for your agency, please enquire here or visit my brand studio Brandspanking Studio


Project experience

  • Investment Portfolio Analytic Platform
  • Account receivable branding
  • Account receivable calculators
  • ROI calculators
  • Pre-payday lending
  • Market research dashboard
  • Neobank branding
  • Insurance quote builder
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Debt collection services Branding and Website
  • Digitalized banking services

Project experience

  • Health Insurance calculator & quote builder
  • NDIS plan manager

Project experience

  • Wellness check-in application
  • Military health service directory
  • Military consumer health-tech branding

Project experience

  • Disability support services planner
  • Hospital triage tool
  • Dietitian branding & website
  • Personal Training branding & website
  • Heart-rate & health monitoring
  • Telehealth Psychology management & service tool

Project experience

  • Legal WIP case tracker
  • Legal HR tool
  • Legal CRM tool

Project experience

  • Asprin research website
  • Learning management systems

Project experience

  • Circular systems design
  • Consumer carbon footprint calculator
  • Sustainability practices education & lecturing
  • Property sustainability directory & calculator
  • Peer-to-peer marketplaces

Project experience

  • Film Classifications website
  • GovCMS & DTA (Australian Gov Digital transformation)
  • Digital Accessibility

Project experience

  • Film Classifications website
  • Website design for Major Television Channel
  • Corporate filming website design

Project experience

  • Property Auditing software
  • Workplace health and safety auditing tool
  • Risk management software
  • Public transport advertising management
  • Gas supply and price monitoring software
  • Bin & waste management software
  • Transport-carrier logistics software
  • Hardware customer service and accounts management
  • Construction & engineering branding

Project experience

  • Consumer goods E-commerce
  • Fashion platforms, branding & website
  • Manufacture & QC management tool
  • Pet subscription branding & website
  • Pet minding website
  • B2B CRM tools
  • Food supplier management tool
  • Drink machine interface & branding
  • Film production location scouting directory
  • Film industry personnel directory
  • Artificial Intelligence - App builders

Completed over 400+ design projects, 50+ clients, and over 9+ years

Map of Industry and Project experience

Size = Size of project & experience
Overlaps = Clients & projects worked on that overlap these themes

From working with corporates to starting a startup…

My skills draw from my experience working with many industries, types of roles, and my lived experience launching my own digital products.

My diverse design abilities are helpful for businesses that require a wide range of design outcomes.


Awards & Education

  • Award: Channel 7 Young Achievers Award 2019, Studio Art.
  • Award: Sustainability innovators award finalist, 2014
  • Award: Best Major Project Award, RMIT Industrial design 2013
  • RMIT Activator: business accelerator participant 2018
  • Young Social Pioneer: Social Business Youth accelerator participant 2018
  • Fitzroy GSD: Business Incubator participant 2014
  • RMIT University (Australia): Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design 2013
  • Chiba University (Japan): Study exchange, Product design

UX Skills

  • Wireframes & workflows: Conceptualising digital product concepts through High and low-fidelity wireframes to prototype and test potential workflows. This may be done in tandem with user journey maps, service blueprints, and workflow diagrams.
  • UX Workshops: I help get teams and stakeholders on the same page through workshopping techniques that help discover, decide, explore and prioritize goals. This also includes co-design through participatory design with users and customers.
  • Content mapping/Site architecture (IA): I collaborate with marketing and development teams to help strategize, plan the messaging, and help media teams produce content that works with designs. I help simplify complex websites by using UX research tools such as Treejacking to improve sitemaps and navigation.
  • Usability & feasibility audit: I improve existing products by conducting usability tests and prototypes. I search for blockers and patterns that impact usability. This can be done through analyzing heat maps, User testing, and User interviews with current and prospective users.
  • UX planning & strategy, product roadmaps, and communicating trade-offs through research: I help product teams determine the value of design features through prioritization techniques, research, case studies, and customer interviews. Alongside stakeholders, I help strategize design approaches with clear business and product objectives in mind.

UI Skills

  • UI Build design systems: Consolidate UI componentry, standardising assets to fit within a framework that can be utilised by design teams in the long-term and scales as the business grows. I mainly focus on developing systems in Figma.
  • Develop UI that works with the brand system: Branding part an integral part in UI design, a strong eye for brand voice and strategy is taken in account when creating an interface.
  • Using marketing techniques and design psychology to influence user experiences: Beyond making beautiful products, I don’t underestimate the power of design principles to influence design.
  • Accessibility Design: Adhering to WCAG 2.1 standards.
  • Responsive design & Mobile designs: Producing designs that work for various screen sizes and devices.
  • IOS & Android: Following best design practices and design systems for native mobile apps.

Tech Skills

  • Build WordPress Divi websites: I can build advanced WordPress sites using visual-editing tools such as Divi. My experience helps me develop a design & build best-practice method while knowing the limits of the tool.
  • HTML & CSS: Intermediate skills in HTML and CSS, I know enough to know what I’m looking at when I inspect a website’s code. I know enough to make minor front-end changes and design easy-to-build design systems.
  • Trained in building Bubble.io Apps: I understand how the bubble app builder works, I am able to produce designs directly into the tool, bypassing the need for design-to-dev handover.
  • Build relational databases through Airtable: I like to map data structures by using a relational database tool like Airtable. Airtable is also a powerful tool to run automation and workflows through their ‘apps’. I help clients by organizing their content for digital and operational purposes.

Branding skills

  • Develop Brand Systems: Create brand guidelines, and brand assets, and produce original logo and decorative assets.
  • Conduct Branding workshops: I work with clients and product teams to produce brand identity 
  • Branding strategy: Design touchpoints, services, and messaging that complement the brand. This includes naming, marketing strategy, and developing products.

Other soft skills

  • Presentation & Storytelling: I help achieve buy-in from customers and stakeholders through presentations that help people connect to the mission, goal, and outcome.
  • Community building: I am good at bringing people digitally and physically together through joining activities and combined interests.
  • Team player: I am flexible with team dynamics. I am good at understanding people’s roles and I like to learn from others.
  • Training & mentoring: In my past experience as a lecturer for first-year university students, I am able to guide and empathise with their learning journey.
  • Public speaking: I’ve had training and numerous opportunities to speak to a wider audience publicly, radio and on television.
  • Culture and diversity empathy: My experience in community cultivation, varied industries, and language study allows me to understand people with greater empathy – helping me to become a better designer and strategist

Fun Facts

As a typical ENFP, I like to do a lot of things.

I have a passion for building sustainable initiatives & cultivating communities:

  • Founded circular fashion startup, Clothes Loop
    It was featured on The Citizen, Broadsheet and ABC News. I built a series of physical and digital products using bootstrapped methods.
  • I run a community to help makers trade and sell second-hand and off-cut fabric textiles. I am currently building a marketplace, coming soon to 2023.
  • I worked as a sustainability lecturer in 2018 at RMIT teaching ways that digital experiences can improve sustainable practices.

I’ve had a history of varied experiences

  • Was an event organiser Tokyo, Japan, in 2012. Planning and promoting music & club events to a foreign audience.
  • Years of hospitality work in my youth – cashier, kitchen hand, and retail.
  • English language teaching for kindergarten children, and private tuition for adults in 2012-2013.
  • Trained in Industrial design, I understand manufacturing methods, CAD and Product Lifecycle analysis

In my spare time, for fun I like to do:

  • Study Japanese language – Intermediate skills
  • I like to perform Improvisation & standup comedy
  • Participate in musical trivia

And yes, like Keanu Reeves, I don’t age.

About Contracting Services

Currently accepting opportunities*

Improve products, find new opportunities and scale up your company’s design capabilties.

I work with teams, build design systems & capabilities, and conduct UX research for organizations as a dedicated resource.

I am open to short-term contracting opportunities, remote or in-person.


  • Hourly or Daily rates
  • Subject to availability – please enquire

Perfect for

  • Product teams & Larger organisations
  • Projects requiring extensive UX research and strategic product development

Get in contact for Contracting services.

About Freelancing Services

Currently accepting opportunities*

I love supporting startups and small business!

Flexible design support for projects of any size, duration, and industry.

My extensive experience across most industries and project types lends itself to providing comprehensive and flexible working arrangements.


  • Project-based pricing, enquire for a project estimate and timeline
  • Subject to availability

Perfect for

  • Projects with flexible timelines
  • Agencies, Small-business & Startups
  • Projects with clear outcomes, Short-term projects.

Get in contact for freelance services.

Services include

Consulting and training

  • Improving design capabilities within teams and lecturing in UX and user-centered design practices

Whitelabel Design Services

  • Produce UX-UI designs, Including wireframes, prototypes, mockups, user journeys and UI design systems
  • Problem solve user experience requirements, running workshops with stakeholders, producing product roadmaps and requirements

Brand direction and strategy

  • Understanding business and marketing objectives through a visual and creative lens, producing artwork, logos and other visuals

UI, Print & packaging design

  • Working with development teams and producing design systems

And more!

Contact me at roseduongdesign@gmail.com If you have any questions or if you’re interested in working with me.

*Availability updated - July 20, 2024